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Project Management in Practice

These case studies show the use of project management in practice. Studying real-life situations will help you see how others have been successful.

If you have a case study you think would be of interest to people managing projects, let us know and we'll be happy to consider it for publication.

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Agile Adoption: A Case Study

This case study was conducted to evaluate Agile adoption on a project that has to update an obsolete enterprise data warehouse. These are my findings.

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Too Tired to Care? Regain Your Perspective With 5 Proven Practices

Five common sense practices to help you regain perspective, reduce stress and optimise the results from time invested in work.

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Who is the Project Manager?

A dilemma: should you appoint someone who is an experienced project manager or someone who will champion the change?

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My Story: Working Smarter; Not Harder

Susanne Madsen's own story of her journey from stressed and overworked project manager, to discovery of smarter working practices and a more fulfilling working life.

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What a Heart Surgeon Could Learn From a Project Manager

The surgeon could learn a few things from project managers about how to create a sound work management (surgery management) methodology.

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Every Beginning is Difficult

This case study looks at the challenges faced by Schenker Singapore, a transport and logistics company, when they embarked on a Lean Six Sigma programme.

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Project Management Approach for Business Process Improvement

As organisations grow, they need to continuously analyse and refine their processes to ensure they are doing business as effectively as possible.

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The Best Project Managers are Emotion-driven Leaders

Charles J. Pellerin's personal ill-fated story, as project director for the launch of the Hubble telescope, on his journey to the discovery of true leadership.

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Using ROI to Evaluate Project Management Training

How XYZ law firm used Phillips ROI Methodology to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their project management training programmes.

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The Hidden Costs and Dangers of the Shortcut

We live in a world where we are often pressured to take shortcuts to save time and cut costs as much as possible. Here's an anecdote to think about.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Project Management

Corporations are more sensitive to social issues than ever before. So how do you rationalise the organisations' demands for CSR with project objectives?

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Green Projects

Green projects place new demands on the project manager. This article describes one such project and some of these new demands.

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Communication is Key: Getting Everyone in the Loop

Communication is key. Is inefficient communication plaguing your organisation? Learn how to get everyone on the same page with Microsoft SharePoint.

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A Tale of Two Projects

A business tale of what it takes to turn around troubled projects. How did PintCo recover their Customer Master File project when everything was going in the wrong direction.

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How Gantt Charts Can Help Avoid Disaster

A short case study about the importance of using appropriate tools, such as Gantt charts, when managing time sensitive projects.

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NASA Project Management Challenge 2008

NASA focuses on project management to deliver major aerospace projects. In this video NASA employees talk about the importance of project management at the space agency.

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Rescuing a Small Project

Recently, I was asked to jump in and rescue a small infrastructure project that was headed for disaster. What did I do?

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