Compare IBM's project management methodology with PMBOK

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IBM's project management methodology has also undergone a process of development. In the process of transition from product to the service, IBM incorporated a variety of internal project management methods, such as application project development methodology, ERP Software implementation methodology, integrated products development methodology and so on, in the mid-90s, IBM launched a WSDDM methodology, that methodology actually consists of many different project management methodologies, crossing project management and technical methods together. In the late '90s, IBM established a Project Management Committee (PM / COE, Project Management Best Practice Center), integrating IBM's all project management methodologies, and built up a unified internal project management methodology, called WWPMM.

WWPMM consists of four components: Project Management Domain, Project Management Work Product, Project Management Working Pattern, and Project Management System. In which, Project Management Domain can be understood as project management knowledge areas, it is similar with 9 major knowledge areas in PMBOK, but it also extended the content of PMBOK in the depth and breadth, to meet IBM’s unique characteristics and management philosophy.

IBM's project management methodology defines 13 areas, divided into 51 sub-areas, and then broken down into 150 processes. On the other hand, PMBOK defines 9 major knowledge areas, broken down into 44 processes. IBM project management processes and PMBOK processes are at the same level. IBM’s 13 areas as follows:
  • Change Management
  • Communication Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Event Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Definition
  • Quality Management
  • Sponsor Agreement Management
  • Risk Management
  • Track and Control
  • Supplier Management
  • Technical Environment Management
  • Work Plan Management
Compare IBM's project management knowledge areas with PMBOK from three aspects: 1, in the areas of quality management, procurement management, human resources management, and risk management, they are more consistent. 2, IBM extends the sponsor agreement management, event management and technical environmental management, in order to meet IBM’s business needs. 3, IBM re-structures PMBOK’s five areas: integration management, scope management, time management, cost management and communication management, adjusts them to project definition, work plan management, change management, delivery management, communication management, tracking and control management. Besides, it distinguishes project work from management work.

There is no concept about project management work products, work patterns and project management system in PMBOK. PMBOK highly generalized project management knowledge and processes in a static way, while IBM's project management methodology is not only based on the application of PMBOK, but also extended its content, providing the concepts of project management work products, work patterns and project management system, to be a dynamic methodology with specific guidance for project manager.
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