Average Travel Time

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Average Travel Time

Postby ec0663 » Tue 13 Dec 2016 8:07 pm


I've worked in the ECM industry for about 14 years. I've always been on the technical side of the house and I am considering a move to a Project Manager role. The role I am considering requires travel, however I don't know what the industry average is for Project Managers. The role I am considering told me that travel time is 50%? Is this high, low, or average? If you can share with me what your experience has been as a PM I would be most appreciative.

PM Newby

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Re: Average Travel Time

Postby dhaughey » Tue 20 Dec 2016 5:18 pm

Hi PM Newby,

I'm a PM that doesn't travel and uses technology to communicate with my team and customers. In past PM roles, I have travelled around 25% of the time, visiting clients and suppliers. This travel was mostly to work on customer's premises.

You haven't shared the kind of PM role you are considering, so it's hard to say whether 50% travel time is high. It seems high to me.


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