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Our collection of white papers offers valuable insights into the discipline of project management.

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MEET - Model for Employee Engagement with connecTs

By Dinesh Sharma

This white paper introduces a model "MEET" for structured employee connects which can help improve employee engagement and retention. The information will be helpful to project managers looking for effective ways to control attrition.

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Navigating the PM & PPM Software Sector

By Diana Eskander

Most companies and people looking to purchase PM Software don't realise the large undertaking of choosing the most viable solution for their organisation until they begin their search.

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The Art of Project Planning

By Neil Stolovitsky

This paper provides organisations with common strategies project managers leverage to develop effective project plans that please both team members and stakeholders.

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Strategy for Change Management v2

By John Crawford

Managers are so often preoccupied with immediate activities and issues they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. For a change department to be successful like any other, it must focus on its raison d'être and how best to achieve it.

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Building an Effective Change Management Organisation v2

By John Crawford

This paper avoids the piecemeal approach for managing change, but takes an inclusive view from scratch on approaches to construct an effective change management organisation for executing business strategic plans.

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Metrics for Agile Projects: Finding the Right Tools for the Job

By ESI International

This informative paper provides best practices project managers should use to expand the use of the metrics at their disposal to fine-tune the progress they are showing on their agile projects.

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Successful Solutions Through Agile Project Management

By ESI International

This paper highlights an approach for adopting the agile project management framework, identifies key challenges to implementing agile approaches, and showcases the roles of project management and business analysis in that context.

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Taking Your PMO to the Next Level: Four Steps to Value Improvement

By ESI International

ESI's professional experience indicates that increasing the value of the PMO is directly related to an organisation's ability to compete in its marketplace and deliver quality services and products to clients in a timely fashion.

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Enhancing Your Collaboration Platform for the Evolving Project Workforce

By Neil Stolovitsky

Open collaboration and concentrating project information in a single interface improves productivity, decreases costs and cuts down on errors.

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Global Project Management: Collaboration Among Geographically Dispersed Project Teams

By Neil Stolovitsky

This paper examines the unique challenges confronted by project leaders and their dispersed teams and stakeholders, and the strategy required to drive projects to success.

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Practical Project Management & Tracking Using Microsoft Project

By Marvey Mills

Marvey Mills' practical lessons and easily repeatable techniques on how to use Microsoft Project to achieve what is needed as a project manager, whilst avoiding the pitfalls and elephant traps that the application sets for the unwary user.

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The Growing Importance of EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office) in Today's Organisations

By Arvind Rathore

This paper highlights the challenges faced by organisations having traditional PMOs and the need for an Enterprise PMO.

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Planning Considerations to Avoid Issues and Risks in Adverse Situations

By Preeti Jain Mishra

This case study shows how an IT project for a financial company met expectations against the odds when critical resources left mid-project and missing the deadline was not an option.

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Strategic Partnership: An Imperative for Project Management in Multiplayer Setting

By Akhibi Gregory Osagie

This paper looks at the use of strategic partnership in realising organisations' project objectives through reduction of interfaces and improved co-ordination of dependencies.

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Requirements Engineering: The State of the Practice Revisited

By Vincent Marinelli & Phillip A. Laplante

In 2002 a survey was conducted to assess current requirements engineering techniques usage in industry. The survey revealed industry trends regarding the specific practices used by individuals in their most recent project.

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Co-ordinating Project Management Initiatives across the Organisation

By ESI International

Companies that are progressing down the path of becoming project based often find they need to co-ordinate their efforts across divisions or departments to achieve the real business benefits of effective project management.

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Project Management and the Organisational Strategy

By ESI International

In this paper, we introduce the strategic planning process, how it relates to project management, and how to implement a project selection and prioritisation process.

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The Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects

By ESI International

This white paper guides the experienced project manager in the application of successful techniques for assessing the status of a project, determining if a recovery is possible, and turning the project around.

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Optimising IT to Meet Business Objectives

By Hewlett-Packard

This paper explores the role of Business Analysis, Project Management and ITIL V3 in helping IT to deliver business objectives as a full-fledged business unit that contributes to the success of the enterprise.

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ITIL, Business Analysis and the Enterprise Requirements Hierarchy

By Terry Longo, Kathleen Hass & David Cannon

This paper characterises the relationship between the Business Analyst and an IT Service Management based IT organisation.

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Project Management Process

By Dave Larsen

Project management provides an integrated framework for project organisation, planning and control which is designed to ensure the timely and cost-effective production of all the end-products.

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ProjectMinds' Quick Guide To Project Management

By Manjeet Singh

With an emphasis on simplicity, this paper provides clear, friendly step-by-step instructions to the art of project management inspired by the PMI methodology.

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Chaos Report

By The Standish Group

In 1995, The Standish Group surveyed IT executive managers for their opinions about why projects succeed. The resulting report makes interesting reading.

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One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers

By Jerry Madden & Rod Stewart

Lessons learned compiled by Jerry Madden, Associate Director of the Flight Projects Directorate at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Jerry collected these gems of wisdom over a number of years from various sources.

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Supplier Selection Checklist

By Duncan Haughey

It is useful when selecting a supplier to have a checklist with which to evaluate their suitability. How much of the checklist is used and how thoroughly will depend on your own needs.

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How to Successfully Deploy Productivity Software Across Teams

By Rodney Brim

In 25 words or less, what would you define as the critical success factors for rolling out project and performance management software across a workgroup or team?

Size 811KB

Avoiding the Project Management Obstacle Course

By Duncan Haughey

Project management by form filling is not an effective way of managing projects. These days many organisations and individual's whole project management strategy revolves around becoming slaves to a methodology.

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Time Management: More Time, Less Stress

By Duncan Haughey

A selection of time management tips for anyone interested in improving their productivity and lowering stress in their workplace and personal lives.

Size 1.1MB

Eight Key Factors to Ensuring Project Success

By Duncan Haughey

The key to good project management is leadership and communication. Try these eight simple techniques to help you avoid common project management problems that befall many project managers.

Size 172KB

Turning Many Projects into Few Project Priorities with TOC

By Frank Patrick

An environment of many projects typically generates many priorities for project resources and managers alike and can make that focus difficult to achieve. This document looks at an approach that can help.

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