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Stakeholder Management

Managing Expectations

Stakeholder management is the process of managing the expectation of anyone that has an interest in a project or will be effected by its deliverables or outputs.

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Three Steps to Better Customer Relations

It is impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but you can certainly do everything within your power to give customers your best performance.

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Three Paths to Approaching Stakeholders

When it comes to approaching stakeholders, there are many different paths you can take to get your message to the right person. Here are some ideas on how to start formulating your path to approaching your stakeholders.

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3 Things Your Project Customer Wishes You Realised

Three important facts that most project customers wish their project manager and his team realised from the outset of a project engagement.

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Managing Stakeholders: Going Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Project surveys highlight the importance of stakeholder management as part of project success. These are some techniques you can employ when managing stakeholders.

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Communicating with Stakeholders

Many individuals need access to status updates from our projects, but what level of detail should you provide to different stakeholder groups?

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Selling it to the Stakeholders

What's the best way to sell information to your stakeholders? Here's three tactics to help you become a better salesperson and more effective communicator.

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The Secrets to Getting Stakeholders on Your Side

A key skill in project management is learning to win support from stakeholders. Mastering this skill ensures your projects are more likely to succeed.

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Helpful Suggestions For Managing Difficult Clients

Every consultant has had to deal with a difficult client. The nice thing about being a consultant you just need to get through the project and move on.

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Stake Your Project Claim

Many projects begin with the stakeholders' expectations making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. How can you ensure they're all completed?

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Stakeholder Commitment: Why Is It Important?

If that carrot-at-the-end-of-the-stick tactic seems useless to get commitment from your stakeholders, try these how-to's shared by experts

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How to Sell Function, Feature and Benefit to Stakeholders

Most projects have numerous stakeholders. One of the first tasks for a project manager is to identify the stakeholders and establish a rapport with them.

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Building Relationships in Project Management

Building relationships is as important within the project team as it is outside. Good relationships can be the difference between success and failure.

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Project Management: Stakeholder Risk Management

What's the secret to risk management? Do it. Proactive, systematic risk management means finding the problems before they find you.

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Avoiding the "Dark Twisty Turn-filled Tunnel Syndrome"

Diligent planning, mindful scope management and an eye toward the big picture, in addition to good change management procedures can keep your customers happy.

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Persuasion and Perception

In the absence of personal control of events, everybody hates change. A failure to remember this fundamental insight is the root cause of a great many failed projects.

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Do You Want to Discover the Truth About Your Projects?

Before carrying out a project review it is important to decide what the overall purpose is and who should gain what from the output.

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What is Stakeholder Management?

Running a successful project requires a high degree of stakeholder management. So who are your stakeholders?

Managing expectations is the number one activity of a project manager. ~ Unknown Author

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