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Six Time Management Tips for Project Managers - Infographic

~ By Duncan Haughey

Six Time Management Tips Infographic

Infographic designed by AdaptRM the productivity and time management self-help website.

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Topic: Six Time Management Tips for Project Managers - Infographic
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8th February 2019 9:24pm
Peter Turla (Dallas Texas) says...
If meeting the deadline looks impossible, you might say, "We can meet the deadline if we add additional resources, but that will drive up the cost. With no additional resources, we’ll be at least five days late. Which is more important, keeping the project within budget or meeting the deadline? If they're both equally important, what aspects of the project can we scale back?"

"In other words, something has to give. If you want it fast and good, it won’t be cheap. If you want it fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If you want it cheap and good, it won’t be fast. Pick two out of three!"
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17th March 2018 10:46pm
Hussein Taleb says...
This is a really simple yet valuable post. I love the infographic.
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17th November 2017 11:03am
Megan Wale (SYDNEY SOUTH) says...
Allow some buffer time between tasks. Part of using time well means scheduling downtime, and this is critical in the workplace. Once you’ve completed a task, give yourself five minutes to step outside the office, grab a snack, or take a short walk. These “buffer” moments will help you focus and improve your time management overall.
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24th October 2017 10:43am
Fazal Hussain (Karachi) says...
Currently, many project managers are using tools in order to save their time for keeping an eye on everyone while remaining fully remote. I agree with all your points except for the time management itself as mostly it has been seen that people who manage their time very accurately and make to-do lists are less efficient in driving results because they do not spend time on creativity which is almost 40% contributor to almost every organizational growth.
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17th May 2017 7:54pm
Robert Taylor (Middleburg) says...
I found this very useful and will be implementing its suggestions in my daily routine.

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