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Quality Management

Building Quality From the Start

The cost of quality is a significant cost on any project so prudent managers look for ways to keep these costs in check.

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Reducing Your Cost of Quality

How high is your Cost of Quality? The answer might surprise you. Yes, it includes reviews, the QA infrastructure, and preparing tests, those are your "Appraisal Costs." But how high are your "Failure Costs" the cost of defects?

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Why PRINCE2's Approach to Quality is Flawed

PRINCE2 has many excellent ideas for project management, but its approach to quality is at best weak and at worst entirely inappropriate.

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Deming's 14 Points and Quality Project Leadership

Edward Deming's fourteen key principles of management for transforming business effectiveness as it applies to project managers today.

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The Project Scorecard

Want to have the communications to your project sponsor and project stakeholders read every time? Try using the scorecard approach.

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How Does Your Quality Management Assessment Method Stack Up?

Not all testing methodologies are created equal. TMMi was developed to complement the CMMi framework and features maturity levels for quality assessments.

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6 Success Factors for Managing Project Quality

Commentators have differing views on what constitutes a quality project. On time and within budget, plus these six key factors will improve project quality.

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Understanding Change in a Quality Culture

In any improvement process, managing the influence of change and the anti-change culture will be one of the most difficult tasks.

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Quality Projects Take Time and Money

In project management, as with most things in life, quality is planned in, not inspected in. Quality, and the expectations for acceptance, must be defined up front.

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A Word (Or Two) On Quality

Project teams are often focused on completion of the build, forgetting that actual completion is achieved at the end of successful testing and bug resolution, not at the end of the build.

People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it. ~ Howard Newton

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