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PRINCE2 project management methodology is a world-class standard for managing projects to a successful conclusion.

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Planning Lifecycle in PRINCE2

Understanding the planning lifecycle in PRINCE2. There are three main parts of the PRINCE2 manual which define the planning lifecycle for the standard.

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Why PRINCE2's Approach to Quality is Flawed

PRINCE2 has many excellent ideas for project management, but its approach to quality is at best weak and at worst entirely inappropriate.

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Better Risk Management With PRINCE2

PRINCE2 has always had a solid, but simple way of dealing with risk. With the latest version a number of excellent ideas and concepts have been introduced.

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How to Apply PRINCE2: Engaging Senior Management in Your Projects

The Project Board is a group of people who make the key decisions such as; should the project start, should it go on to its next stage and is it ready to end?

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PRINCE2 2009: What's Changed?

PRINCE2 the UK's most widely used project management framework is being refreshed. The name remains the same, but there are some fundamental enhancements.

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An Introduction to PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is the UK de-facto standard for project management developed by the Government and used by both the public and private sectors.

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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is one of the most widely used project management methodologies available. If you're looking to run successful projects, then PRINCE2 is an excellent choice.

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The History of PRINCE2

PROMPTII, PRINCE and PRINCE2, were all introduced to provide a better set of tools to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the right quality.

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A Procedural Worksheet on PRINCE2 Project Management

Successful application of PRINCE2 methodology imparts a structured approach to any project that will help ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

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PRINCE2 and the Project Management Board

The PRINCE2 project management method focuses on organisation, management and control, and teaches users how to form a Project Management Board.

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PRINCE2 for a Successful Project

PRINCE2 is used to manage projects throughout the business world; but what is a project and what constitutes a successful project?

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PRINCE2 Project Management Explained!

PRINCE2 project management methodology is a process-driven project management method, which contrasts with other more reactive/adaptive methods.

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PRINCE2 Goes from Strength to Strength

Since being re-launched in 1996, PRINCE2 has gone from strength to strength becoming the UK de-facto standard for project management.

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PRINCE2 Training Myths and Misconceptions

This article looks at five aspects of PRINCE2 to give you the clear, concise information you need if you're considering investing in PRINCE2 training.

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PRINCE2 Training Courses for Structured Project Management

PRINCE2 is excellent for people who are involved with project management. PRINCE2 training explains the series of processes that cover all the activities needed for a project from beginning to end.

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Implementing PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

Implementing PRINCE2 in the workplace is more than providing staff with training, it's about establishing project management best practice in the working culture.

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IT Project Governance and PRINCE2 Project Management

PRINCE2 project management has emerged as the world's leading methodology for ensuring that IT projects stay on track and deliver real value.

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An Introduction to PRINCE2 (PDF)

The #1 read book on PRINCE2 2009. The main objective of this book is to provide a logical and easy-to-understand introduction to PRINCE2.

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