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Reduce Costs and Increase Competitiveness

Advice for anyone considering outsourcing projects, whether at home or offshore, to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

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Managing IT Projects Offshore: The Project Manager's Perspective

As an offshore project team member, do you know what your project manager expects of you? If not, read on.

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Project Managers Are Having Fun in IT Offshoring Projects

Significant growth is taking place in the global IT offshoring market. The aim of this research is to give insight into challenges that IT offshoring projects face.

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Managing Projects on a Global Scale

What happens when team members speak different languages? We have instant communication, but this doesn't necessarily translate into instant comprehension.

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Leading Meetings with Multicultural Audiences

Multicultural meetings are becoming more common. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when leading a session with a multicultural audience.

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Outsourcing Key Projects: Bringing Companies One Step Closer to Business Virtualization

Outsourcing key projects can help you to provide a higher level of customer service while lowering costs at the same time.

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Managing Hidden Project Costs for Better ROI

The most common argument for outsourcing is cost-savings. In the face of the current economic climate, cost figures largely in the decision for outsourcing IT projects.

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The Most Common Sourcing RFP Mistakes

Five of the most common mistakes in internally developed RFPs and how companies can better manage these issues by improving their RFP processes.

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How Agile Offshore Practices Can Avoid the "Real" Costs of Offshore Outsourcing

In this article, you will learn practical tips on using agile methodologies and open offshore models to mitigate major offshore outsourcing risks.

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Motivating Your Outsourced Offshore Team

How do you sustain the interest of your new outsource team? Here are ways to keep the team passionate about providing you with top-quality service.

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CMMI: Does Your Supplier Make the Grade?

Looking for a sure-fire way to find a highly-qualified outsourcing partner? Learn how CMMI ratings can help you pinpoint the best candidate for the job!

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Is Offshore Outsourcing Working for You?

Is your company looking, or already into outsourcing? Here are five indicators that your company is on its way to outsourcing success.

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Why Outsourcing Fails, Even with Good Project Management

The main reason for failure of outsourced software development is not bad project management, it's not having a clear definition of success.

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Minimising Risk in Outsourced Projects

Outsourcing is the process of contracting a third party to do work on the behalf of a client that has neither the skills or resources to perform in-house.

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Introduction to Outsourcing for the Project Management Professional

Find out how outsourcing can effect your project management success. Learn when outsourcing is a necessity and when it should be avoided.

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Empowered Outsourcing

With a carefully selected vendor and realistic expectations, outsourcing can result in a tremendous increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

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Tips on Offshore Software Project Management

Follow these simple tips and give your offshore software project the best chance of success.

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Managing IT Projects Offshore

Six key areas to consider and where most of the issues lie when offshore outsourcing projects to countries such as India, China and Russia.

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