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Hello PMs,

First of all, let me tell you that I am not a certified PM. Instead I bring in more than 15 years of work experience in the position of Project Manager in various IT companies. Lately, to hone my Project Management skills further, I started my own business venture. All my efforts are going in to make it a success.

In order to contribute something in Project Management domain, I am making a very small effort from my end. There are 2 areas where I think some attentions needs to be given by every Project Manager. They are:
  1. To make the presentations more interesting.
  2. To educate the team and the client on the Project Methodologies that you follow in any specific company or a project.
I took a clue out of the proverb which says: "Pictures creates more impression than words", I came up with a website, something I am good at. Please take your time to view this website here:


My bunch of web designers are burning their midnight candle to make those images (some freehand drawings) which you can use in your presentations. The images are owned by us and those are 100% Free Download. We kept it simple, Just download the images from the site and start using it. Since those are high res images, you can even use them on print media. We worked our focus around pmp drawings.

To focus more on Project Management methodologies, I created a section called "Premium Pictofigo". You can just buy those images and take a printout and put them on your wall (lamination would be great idea). Those are real BIG images.

My Intentions:
  1. To assist you in order to make your presentations more interesting.
  2. To make your client and team aware of the project methodologies that you/your company follows. This is a small effort to get them beneath the skin of those 2 user groups.
My expectations from you:
  1. Please use those images. Those are free, just for you. Use them as much as you wish.
  2. Please write your views, feedback, ideas so that i can take my efforts further.
  3. Last but not the least, mail me your views at: promotion@pictofigo.com
Please remember that I will wait to hear from you. Your thoughts are very important for me to move forward from here.

On behalf of the entire team of Pictofigo, "Thank you".

Best Regards,

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Hi Joe,

Nice resource, thanks for sharing.

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Hi there Joe, that's a great idea and a very nice website. Good luck with it.
Best wishes,
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