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Hi all,

I have just joined a new company and about to have a number of projects passed over to me to pick up and restart. Some of these projects are very old, some fairly new, some big and some small!

Just wondering if anyone has been through a similar experience and has any tips/tricks to offer or let me know of any pitfalls I should avoid?

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My suggestion is to hold a formal project review meeting with the project team and stakeholders for each of your projects. Don’t worry some of them are already running; you need to stop and make sure they’re setup to your satisfaction. Focus on getting to know the team. Start by introducing yourself at the beginning of the meeting. Go through the project understanding the business case, scope, benefits, progress against deadlines, issues, risks etc.

During the review meeting ask the following questions:
  • Is there sufficient commitment from the project sponsors? (Have they attended your meeting?)
  • Are there formal project management processes in place?
  • Is the business case still valid? (Assuming there was one in the first place)
  • Is there a clear set of requirements and scope?
  • Do you have an experienced project team and are they clear about their roles?
  • Is there a good project plan and is the project on track?
  • Is there sufficient budget to complete the project?
  • What are the risks and issues? (Are any stopping the project progressing now?)
  • Is there a good communications plan in place?
Where you find deficiencies take remedial action. Where you find issues you cannot resolve, escalate them to your line manager.

I recommend you read, Time Management in a Multi-Project Environment

Hope this helps.

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