Best way to approach the PMP certification

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I have been trying to understand how to get the PMP certification since a few weeks. I therefore made some researches and even though there is plenty information on the Internet, I am not sure yet about how I should prepare myself in the best way to approach the certification exam.

I've found online courses and training providers that have several kinks of offers. The most attractive I found was about a 5 days training, a kind of intensive workshop (12-15 hrs/day) dedicated to prepare the exam. I asked for some quotes and found out that the average price is about 2500-3000€, all inclusive, also the hotel.

There are also many online training that are generally cheaper. Even though I am very excited about the possibility to get certified just after a 5 days training (they guarantee the result! If you fail you can repeat the exam with no extra fee) I am wondering how effetive could be this training to improve my knowledge in project management? I would like to have some advices since I am totally confused:
  • Is it humanly possible to go through the PMBOK within a reasonable amount of time and get the certification just with self studying?
  • Or is it better to be trained by professionals.
Thank you in advance for your advices.

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I do agree with you 4-5 days workshop are the best option for preparing the exam but the cost you mention is very high, In India the whole training expenses including hotel cost you less than 250$ and also they provide money back guarantee and also you can win the chance to grab PMBOK 4TH edition hardcopy for free.
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