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Beyond Prince2...

Posted: Sun 05 Jun 2011 11:53 am
by PM tension
I'm working towards my Prince2 Practitioner, hopefully being complete by the end of the month, I would appreciate any advice on what to study beyond it.

My situation is that that I have done a reasonable amount of project management previously, but I'm planning to come back to it as a core discipline, I'm aiming at interim/contract work as a way of getting more varied experience, based in the UK, and want to maximise my employability.

I'm currently working overseas, I have the luxury of being able to study around my current two month work rotations and reasonable internet access, this lends itself to CBT rather than using up scarce UK time although I will do that if required. There seem to be a number of options, which would benefit me the most and be available as CBT/distance learning:

PMBoK (No CBT option as far as I can see)

What would anyone advise?

Re: Beyond Prince2...

Posted: Tue 07 Jun 2011 8:32 pm
by dhaughey
Hi PM tension,

If you are looking for employability, then it's hard to look past the PMP (PMBoK). It probably the most recognised and respected project management qualification worldwide.

Working in London, I'm aware that a lot of employers ask for their PMs to have the PMP. It doesn't necessarily mean you're a good PM, but often that's the only way through the door in the first place.

As for Agile Methods, they are becoming popular, and are likely to become more sought after as the demand to deliver projects in shorter timescales increases.

Hope this helps.


Re: Beyond Prince2...

Posted: Wed 08 Jun 2011 6:58 pm
by PM tension
Thank you thats very useful, do you know of any way of doing the compulsory training segment as distance learning/CBT?