Why do we need CMMI

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Implement CMMI in enterprice cost much, some one may question that why we need CMMI, and what CMMI can take to us. It is hard to anwser it, we can analyze from following aspects.

For enterprice, they must be perceiving that the way they do technology development or services now isn't giving them everything they want or need to be confident in their ability to produce the results they want/expect (profit, happy clients, low overhead, etc.) and to do it in a consistent way. If that's not you, move on. Otherwise, give CMMI a shot and check back here for more elaboration on this topic soon.

Besides it, there are also some other benefits for the company.

For Decision-makers
Improve product quality and strengthen your company’s competitiveness
Improve Management Process and achieve paperless office
Supervision and effective allocation of resources

For managers
Specify the R & D process and allot resources well
Effectively control the unexpected changes
Know project-related problems promptly and reduce the risks
Improve accuracy of the project’s scale and duration
Effectively control the R & D cost and guarantee its quality

For Staffs
Reduce risks according to standards
Minimize the R & D duration
Accept tasks and feedback promptly
Summary personal data and generate report automatically

CMMI is about improving performance through improving operational processes. In particular, it's improving processes associated with managing how organizations develop or acquire solution-based wares and define and deliver their services. If enterprice really pay much attention and effort on it, it will get enough rewards definitely.
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