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Some friends often have such doubts: in technical occupations, they want to transit to project management, but lack of project management experience, how to do?

In fact, before you successfully manage a project, you still can do the practice of project management. In accordance with the characteristics of the project: temporary, unique and progressive details. Well, there are many things in life can be carried out as projects. In accordance with the duties of project manager: planning, control, communication, they can also be applied to daily life.

Preparations for the morning after getting up are a project: The project goal is to complete washing and pre-departure preparations, in a certain period of time. You as a project manager, to arrange matters: a bath, wash, breakfast, read books and newspapers and so on, some work in parallel, for example, breakfast and read books and newspapers, pay attention to risk control, such as getting up late, how to do? This is risk response plan, if rain today, the time of going to company will extend, that is unexpected time delay, appropriate measures need to be addressed.

Things after going out can be seen as a project, project objectives: to reach the company before the 9 o'clock, then the plan is travel arrangements, risk identification is a traffic jam and how to handle it, and risk response measures are: by tax, ride motorcycles, etc. Communication work includes communicating with the driver, seeing weather forecast, listening to Traffic Radio for traffic information.

In company, each work is also a project. First, plan project objectives: what work should be completed before off duty, plan workload for each item, the plan is the basis, and don’t forget to control the process and possible risks, for example, if some work cannot be completed on time, we can outsource it to a colleague, or crashing, working overtime to handle it.

If there is too much work, it is entirely a multi-project management.

In short, everything can be seen as project, you can deal with it by project management methodologies. With this good habit, everyone can become a good project manager.
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