Five Important Abilities For Manager

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Any person could become an excellent manager, but most people are not aware of the management ability. Managers need some better capacity than non-management, which capacity is not a mystery, as long as paying some attention on it, we also can make it. These management capabilities are:

1. The ability to motivate
Good managers must not only be good at motivating employees, but also good at self-motivation.

To make employees give full play to their talents and efforts to work, manager should change opinion of staff, from "ask me to do" to "I want to do," and the best way to achieving this is to motivate employees.

If we use incentives rather than command to arrange staff’s work, it will enable the employees feel a sense of accomplishment of work.

Stimulation will not make your management authority weakened. Instead, you will be easier to arrange work and make them more willing to submit to your management.

As a manager, especially senior managers, each day there are many complicated affairs, and a lot of difficult things to solve, they also need think about the company's development and future. Even so, managers must always maintain a good mood to face the employees and customers. You can imagine the pressure on managers.

Self-motivation is an important means to alleviate the pressure. By way of self-motivation, you can put the pressure into motivation, and enhance confidence in the success of the work.

2. The ability to control emotions
A mature leader should have a strong emotional control. When the manager has a bad mood, few employees dare to report work, for fear that manager’s bad mood will affect their work and their own evaluation, it is very natural.

The quality of a high-level manager’s emotion, even can affect the atmosphere of the whole company. If he often cannot control the emotion, it may affect the overall efficiency of the company. From this sense, when you become a manager, your own emotion is no longer merely a private matter, it will affect your subordinates and other departments; and the higher your position is, the greater influence will make.

When the manager criticizes an employee, he also need control his emotions, try to avoid employees feel about his dissatisfaction. In order to avoid losing control to emotion, it is better talking to him when you feel calmly. In addition, some good managers are good at using the anger to criticize, this criticism was probably not more than words, but the effect is very obvious, especially for incorrigible employees. The anger is different from emotion out of control, it is intentional, and the emotion is in a controllable state.

Although the control of emotions is so important, but rarely managers could make it, especially for the managers who are pursuit of the perfect or short-tempered, it is more difficult to control their emotions.

There is a simple way to control emotions. When you are very angry, you can do this: meditation number, from 1 to 20, then do outdoor activities, 5 minutes.

3. The ability of humor
Humor can make people feel warm. Humorous manager can make subordinates pleasured with their work.

Managers aim to manage his subordinates, to make them complete the work accurately and efficiently. Relaxed work atmosphere helps to achieve this effect, and humor can make the working atmosphere become easier.

In some embarrassing situations, appropriate humor can suddenly make the atmosphere become relax. Humor can be used under criticism, this does not make subordinates feel embarrassed. Of course, for those savvy poor or stubborn people, humor often has very little effect.

Humor is not born, humor can be developed. For the rigid person, if they try best to learn and practice, also could become humorous gradually. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan was not a humorous person, in the presidential campaign, people made ​​comments to him. So he uses the most stupid way to make up his own sense of humor: recite a humorous story every day.

Humor is not irony, irony will make people hate, and even confrontation. Ironic humor will make others perceive you in the use of other people's weaknesses or shortcomings; it will have very negative impact.

4. Presentation skills
Good leaders have good presentation skills, especially those well-known politicians, without exception, is the speech expert.
The role of speech is to allow others to understand their point of view, and encouraging others to agree with these views. From this point, any managers should learn to use speech to express themselves.

The audience of managers’ speech may be not many fans, but just their own individual subordinates; and it is not necessarily to have a special place in the meeting room, it is likely to communicate with subordinates.

Significance of the speech itself is not limited to speech, speech can improve verbal ability, increase self-confidence and improve the response capability. These qualities will make you feel easy in foreign relations and subordinate management.

Ability of a person's speech mainly depends on the number of his speeches, has nothing to do with other factors. In other words, even a very awkward eloquence, as long as continues practice, he will become a speech expert.

To develop your own speech ability, the only viable option is to lecture, if you are timid, you can speech in occasions with few people. In fact, the most difficulty of speech is the first time, as long as overcoming the psychological barrier, there is no any difficulty in speaking.

5. The ability to listen
Many managers have such an experience, a employee felt aggrieved result of unfair treatment, and to find you judge, you just listen to him attentively, when he finished, his mood would calm a lot, you even don’t need make any decision to resolve it.

This is just one of the major benefits of listening, good listener also have other two major advantages: 1, let people feel you are very modest; 2, you will learn more things.

Everyone think their voice is the most important and most beautiful, and everyone can not wait to express their wishes. In this case, friendly listener become the most popular person. If managers can listen to subordinate, he will be able to meet the needs of each subsidiary.

If you do not have this capability, you should immediately go to training. Training is simple, you just remember that one: Before people stop talking, never open your mouse.
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