Looking for the Opinions on PRINCE2 Training Orgs in London?

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Apoligies for the bump, but I thought I'd add this as its still relevant! I heard that City & Islington college in North London are offering courses in PRINCE2 in the coming months, Practitioner and Foundation combined, for just £700. These are the available dates :

~5 - 11 Oct 2011
~24 - 28 Oct 2011
~7 - 11 Nov 2011
~21 - 25 Nov 2011
~7 - 13 Dec 2011
~14 - 20 Dec 2011

My partner got his with them earlier this year, and said he would very much recommend them. They provide delegates with some yummy food, and the teaching staff and facilities are said to be excellent.

For more information please visit here : http://professional.candi.ac.uk/all-cou ... ctitioner/

How did your course go by the way, bmsmith?
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I have done both the foundation and the practitioner course (thankfully PASSED!). I purchased Prince2 Training on http://www.onlineprince2training.com, they sell other providers' courses and so I thought I would check them out. At first I thought it is only online courses (because of the name) but actually it was all in class. They had a sale at the time (actually they sent me a coupon after I registered), and I got a good deal for a course in London that included LUNCH (!) and a cool back pack, so not one of those exam factories if you know what I mean. As I said I passed my Prince2 exams and to be honest that is all I cared about, before taking the course, but having a small class and a very good trainer really helped!