Free Web-Based Project Management Software: qdPM

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qdPM is a free web-based project management tool suitable for a small team working on multiple projects. It is fully configurable. You can easy manage Projects, Tasks and People. Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.

Time Tracking & Time Report
Users can add worked hours on a task comments. In extended users time report you can see:

1. worked hours statistic by users
2. estimated and actual time statistic per task
3. filter data by users, projects, task status or dates

Email Notification
Projects, tasks, tasks comments, tickets, tickets comments and discussions email notification available in qdPM. User will be notified by email when he will be added to new project team, get new tasks assigned to him, or new tasks comments etc.

Each email notification have extended format. For example in tasks emails you can see all information about tasks.

There are some configuration where you can allow send emails to all projects team when tasks or comments added and you can configure to send all emails form single email address.

Custom Report Generator
A powerful report generator allows you to analyze Project data from numerous views including Across Project or within Project.

You can view Data by Project Type such as Support Projects, Task Status such as all Open Tasks or Completed Tasks, Task Assignment such as all your own Tasks.

Plus you can select which reports display on your home dashboard.

Customer Support Tickets
Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.

When responding to a Ticket, you can easily create one or more Tasks associated with that Ticket that the Customer does not see.

Once the Task is completed you can advise the Customer and close the Ticket.

Gantt Charts
You can see Gantt chart for each project or for overall projects. Also tasks filters by status and users available in Gantt Charts

You can easy create discussion between project team. Discussion can have related tasks. Using discussion reports you can filter you open discussion and display them on home.

Users Access Controls
Users Access Controls allows you to assign Users to Groups such as Customer, Manager, Programmer and configure the rights for each Group to control what they have access to.

You can download latest version of qdPM from SourceForge:
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