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In the twenty-first century, project has become the important promotion model of business for government and enterprises, it deeps into the enterprise management and all aspects of government business, almost everyone associated with the project, and involved in the project related work. Project management has become a very important subject of enterprise and government management, here I want to introduce the project management career path for people who have joined (or want to join) this field.


The first is project manager. No project manager, there is no project management. The core of project management is to break the traditional functional organization structure, set up project manager for horizontal coordination and communication, and given project manager the responsibility and mission to complete the project. I firmly believe that, the project manager is a great career, if you can do well as a project manager, almost nothing in the world can stump you. According to corporate career development planning, a sequence of positions for project manager is established by companies, such as IBM, HP Company, China Telecom and so on. In general, the positions of project manager include: junior project manager, intermediate project manager, senior project manager, principal project manager.

The second is PMO organization. PMO is a project management office, including the PMO Director and a variety of special function management. PMO is responsible for all projects of organization. PMO is to establish enterprise project management system, including project management processes, rules, methods, etc., to monitor and control the implementation of all projects in the enterprise, resolve all kinds of project issues. PMO’s mission is to provide project management leadership, expertise and experience, and training to project teams for initiating, planning, guiding implementations and project completions. The primary responsibilities are to manage and control triple project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within budget, and within scope.

The third is project management training. Project management training is a big market, in order to enhance project management capacity, enterprises and government organizations need professional project management training form external training institutions. The training courses include project management principles, knowledge, practical experience, and project manager leadership. There are many project management training institutions in the market. You can work in these institutions, providing high quality project management training, including training planning, curriculum development, course instruction, and so on.

The fourth is project management software. Apply project management software to improve project management effectiveness and capacity. Project management software includes two main aspects, one is for the project manager, it helps project managers plan and implement project effectively; Other is from the perspective of the company's business, it promotes the management of company's project and business, make sure the company's overall business execution in the control. There are many service providers of project management software in the market, you can work in these institutions, participating in the promotion, development and implementation of project management software.

Finally is project management consultant. It can be a single project consultants to help customers solve the problems of individual projects, it can also be business consultants to help companies design and optimize enterprise project management system, methods, and rules. Project management consultants will be involved in project management training, and project management software, providing training and software implementation, to help customers achieve the consulting results.

Based on my nearly two decades of project management practices, I've listed several project management career development directions in my own experience, we can convert between these directions to enrich our own project management background, to help companies develop successful with our project management theory and practice.
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