Agile Project Management Software: Mingle

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Mingle is a proprietary project management and collaboration platform that is built by ThoughtWorks Studios, the software division of ThoughtWorks. It is agile project management solution, adapts your company’s process to Agile best practices, and helps your teams stay on top of evolving requirements in collaboration with business users. As a system-of-record for all software initiatives, it presents the actionable insight you need in order to ensure they make it to market fast.

Mingle provides ways for a team to share information about a project and as a system of record and management for the project itself.Mingle shows the status and progress of project tasks on drag and drop Card Walls that are meant to simulate an Agile Story Wall, has wikis for project collaboration, and can associate instant messages with project tasks through a feature Mingle calls Murmurs. Mingle can generate burn-down charts showing work remaining, velocity charts showing actual versus expected progress, and pivot tables for grouping data by one or more attributes.

Mingle is intended to support various flavors of Agile like XP, Scrum, Agile Hybrid. Though primarily a project management tool, it also provides bug tracking, project reporting and program management capabilities.

1. Project collaboration: One shared workspace
Collaborate real-time in a highly customizable web-space, capture and organize requirements, share documents, report defects and track status.

  • Virtual drag-n-drop card walls
  • Integrated wiki
  • RSS feeds and email alerts
  • Murmurs
  • Personal queues
  • Comments and history per Card
2. Project management: Software delivery simplified
When your project tool supports, captures and visualizes all team activity, it is easy to keep track of status and make real-time decisions. Save time and effort with self-sustaining Agile project management that is a natural offshoot of project collaboration.

  • Configurable XP, SCRUM, Agile Hybrid templates, card types, properties, views and transitions
  • Multiple customizable dashboards
  • Import/Export from Microsoft Excel
  • Configurable transition workflow generators
  • Macro development toolkit
  • Access control and user management with user groups and project process workflow permissions.
3. Release and iteration planning: In-built responsiveness
Today’s Agile business environment demands quick adaptability to changing business priorities. Mingle® is designed with industry-proven usability best practices, which makes it easy to manage product backlogs, decompose and schedule requirements, trace dependencies and track completeness of features.

  • Hierarchical card trees
  • Prioritized card ranking
  • In-built macros and an intuitive query language
  • Auto-update of existing cards with changed properties
4. Tracking and reporting: Real-time relevant metrics
Mingle® is used by project teams daily and holds real-time data that can be used to swiftly generate timely and actionable reports. It tracks the project accurately and identifies risks with real-time information and easy reporting.

  • Customizable XP, SCRUM, Agile Hybrid templates
  • Customizable tabs, favorites and views
  • Advanced filtering on cards, properties and tags
  • On the fly reports, burn-down charts and velocity tables
  • Daily History Chart
4. Program Management: Cross-project visibility at a glance
Mingle gives you the critical visibility you need across projects, so that you can allocate resources and manage constraints effectively. Easy plug-in integration with a host of tools also addresses vital compliance requirements.

  • Customizable XP, SCRUM, Agile Hybrid templates
  • Customizable tabs, favorites and views
  • Macro Development Tool Kit to write reporting macros with data drawn from multiple projects.
  • Advanced filtering on cards, properties and tags
  • On the fly reports, burn-down charts and velocity tables
  • Track-able Change History based on type, status and team member.
5. Test Management: Visual and Accurate Defect Tracking
Mingle enables accurate and consistent testing as it tightly couples project requirements with their tests and possible defects. It also gives the team visibility on bug status, tester utilization, testing progress and risky areas of the project.

  • Visual Defect Workflows
  • Bug-Story Links
  • RSS and Email Test Alerts
  • Comments and History per card
  • Wiki Support for screenshots and attachments
6. Enterprise Support Management: Holistic Agile adoption
Mingle further accelerates adoption of Agile concepts and Mingle best practices with instructional videos and detailed explanations on fundamental Agile concepts. Additionally, Agile Application Lifecycle Management solution extends the flexibility and usability of Mingle to Agile testing with Twist, and Agile Release Management with Go. In addition thoughtworks interactive workshops, webinars by industry experts and Agile resources enable you to get optimal business value from Agile.

  • Agile Application Lifecycle Management with Mingle, Twist and Go.
  • Go, Thoughtworks Agile release management solution, and Mingle are now more tightly integrated.
  • Visibility into the health of your builds is now provided directly in Mingle with a live view of your Go pipelines available to all Mingle cards and pages.
  • Enriched context-sensitive Mingle Help provides detailed explanations and instructional videos on fundamental Agile concepts and Mingle best practices.
  • Interactive training and coaching by Agile experts.
  • Agile webinars, whitepapers and other resources.
  • Dedicated solutions team and product support.
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