Agile Test Management Software: Twist

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Twist enables you to easily test rapid business changes that your application undergoes. It is a cost-effective and flexible Agile testing solution that aligns your tests directly with business requirements.

What is Agile Testing?
Agile testing is a dynamic approach to quality, where newly developed software is iteratively tested, until quality is achieved, from the customer’s perspective. Testing volatile requirements within rapid release cycles requires optimal test automation and collaboration with the business, which then ensures faster feedback on quality.

Why do traditional tools fail?
Traditional tools enforce a testing process that is rigidly linear, inflexible and unable to absorb frequent changes to applications. With reduced visibility of the testing process, minimal support for test suite maintenance, and a lack of collaboration mechanisms, they hamper the team’s ability to keep pace with rapid Agile development.

Why Twist?
Twist enables you to rapidly, and cost-effectively deliver tested software aligned to changing business needs. It empowers your team to collaboratively create robust, optimally automated test suites that stay true to business priorities. Twist delivers on the promise of Agile, and is based on 16 years of proven testing innovation at ThoughtWorks.

Deliver complete and tested business value. Rapidly.
Twist is a novel Agile testing platform based on Agile practices of cohesive collaboration with business, refactoring, reusability and simplicity. We believe that the key to sustainable integrated quality are test suites that allow testing teams to respond rapidly to changing business requirements. Twist enables your team to maximize automation, build robust test suites and align tests to shifting business priorities, while empowering everyone on your team to have a stake in the application’s quality. With Twist you can:

1. Align Testing with Business: Great software requires even greater collaboration. Rigid, non-collaborative tools and processes create silos between QAs, Devs, BAs, management and customers that directly impair the application’s quality. With Twist, business users write requirements in plain English that are used directly as test specifications. Its usability-rich IDE enables high visibility and collaboration throughout the testing process, and thus your entire team easily uses it for all their functional testing needs. This ensures that your development and testing effort stays true to actual business intent. Your customers not only get exactly what they want, but high-quality business value.

2. Accommodate changes: Responsiveness to changing requirements is a critical necessity for Agile projects to succeed. Test suites in Twist evolve with changing requirements and hence do not have to be discarded when functionality changes. With abstraction of test intent from implementation and in-built support for refactoring and reusability, suites can be easily modified – saving money and time.

3. Test automation done the right way: Twist is an affordable commercial-grade solution that can be used by an entire team. Twist is easier to adopt as it uses industry-standard languages. It thus eliminates the need to learn proprietary scripting languages that typically require a steep learning curve. Twist enhances tester productivity by optimizing the way in which teams build automated test suites, and supports structured exploratory testing.
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