Scrum Master Certification

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What is a Scrum Master?
If you’ve been considering certification for project management, then you might want to look into becoming a Scrum Master. Scrum is an agile project management method that focuses upon short, focused work periods called “Sprints.” During this time period, no extra tasks are added to the list called the sprint backlog. The Scrum Master is the one who implements and facilitates the use of scrum by a team during a project. The Scrum Master ensures that the scrum methodology is properly implemented.

Scrum certification involves taking a course that results in the participant taking an exam. Once the exam has been passed, a certificate is issued certifying the applicant as a Scrum Master.

Is Scrum Master Certification for You?
Scrum Master certification is a process that is helpful and can make you more marketable if you are in the IT industry. Because the IT industry has increasingly used Scrum in software development practices, obtaining the certification for Scrum can be an incredibly useful tool for your career. If you obtain the certification you can not only serve in your company, but you can serve as a scrum consultant throughout the industry.

The Scrum Master certification is for you if you’ve been wanting to improve your career standing and if you’ve been looking for a way to build your career options.

How Do you Obtain Scrum Master Certification?
Scrum Master certification can be obtained through passing an exam after taking a class, either through distance learning or traditional methods. If you are already a Scrum Master or you want other Scrum certifications, other options exist. The full range of scrum certifications include:
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Product Owner
  • Scrum Professional
  • Scrum Trainer
  • Scrum Coach
Obtaining any one of these certifications can help you advance your career and can open up additional opportunities for income and personal development. The Scrum Certification exam, according to Scrum Alliance consists of a familiarity with foundational scrum principals. Topics include:
  • The history of Scrum and its basic principals
  • The theory behind why Scrum works
  • The roles, framework, and methodology of Scrum methods
  • How to plan and complete a Scrum project
  • How to initiate the Scrum methodology and organize a change management plan for companies not currently using Scrum methods in their projects
  • How to manage both large and small scale projects
  • Scrum master certification follows the basics of everything you will need to know to lead others in projects based upon the scrum methodology.
What Jobs are Available for Scrum Masters?
A Scrum Master can work in Software Program Project Management, as a Agile consultant, Program Manager, or Product Owner. Because these jobs also come with salaries between $70,000 and $100,000 a year, they can be highly desirable. Finally, in addition to working for a company, and as already mentioned, a Scrum Master can also work as a project management consultant, serving companies in an industry to help them implement Scrum strategies.
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