Project Performance Evaluation Software: Rational Insight

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IBM Rational Insight is a comprehensive performance measurement solution for automatically and objectively reporting program and project progress.

Is your software development process full of blind spots?
Knowing where problems exist and how to correct them can be a challenge, and measuring the effectiveness of change is very difficult. With Rational Insight, you can:
  • Gain visibility into software program and project performance and health through objective and consistent measurements, reports, and dashboards
  • Manage and mitigate software development risks, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality
  • Optimize global development efficiencies using a measured capability improvement framework
  • Enforce governance and achieve compliance in a changing global environment
What can you do with Rational Insight?

Extracting and transforming data from multiple data sources
You can use the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) features of IBM Rational Insight to extract data from various sources, transform that data through encoded business rules, and load the transformed data into a data mart. During this process, operational data is retrieved from the product source, normalized, and mapped to fact and dimension tables. The IBM Cognos data manager component performs the core ETL process.

Customizing sample data models, reports, and dashboards
You can customize Rational Insight to suit your specific business requirements. Customization can involve fairly straightforward tasks (such as mapping attributes) or complex jobs (such as extracting, loading, and reporting on a new dimensional entity). Customization does not require complex programming but only the knowledge of a few tools and techniques.

Measuring performance with project dashboards
Rational Insight contains sample dashboards that present snapshots of program and project status information. Reports for different project or different work areas of a project can be seen at a glance. You can also further drill through to other reports to access more project details.

You can rate an asset, raise a discussion, report a problem, and make requests. Collaborate with other project members through discussions. Receive notifications about asset changes and availability of new or updated assets through email subscriptions and RSS feeds.

Drilling through reports while retaining contextual information
The drill-through feature helps you navigate from one report to another while retaining contextual information. For instance, you can navigate from a defect arrival report to a defect density report for the same project without having to select the project name again. Drill-through works by passing common parameters or data between reports. The drill-through feature simplifies the process of passing a parameter between two report queries.
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