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Hi, while studying the book Project Manager - a managerial approach (see book review forum) I came across recommendations to view the following product in the case study for Hewlett Packard.

Expert Choice:
Struggling to understand risk in your project or financial portfolio? We can help. We will show you how a methodology used to help prioritise National Security risk can be translated to your organization's challenges.

Please join us for the second instalment in our FREE Webinar Series -- Risk Management: Understanding Choices. Joining us for this webinar is Dr. Ernest Forman, D.Sc., Founder and Chairman of Expert Choice. In this session, we will focus on solutions to estimating probabilities and risks.

Topics we will cover include:
  • Understanding uncertainty and risk
  • Utilizing intuition and expertise
  • Analysing qualitative and quantitative data
Expert Choice – Delivering transparency before transparent was cool!

Many people spend some time learning to use a particular package through webinairs prior to making a buying decision and as a professional marketer I found that this part of their offering left a lot to be desired.

The site only had a few webinar video tutorials on different aspects of Portfolio and Project decision-making that take around an hour to view. However, I found them to have limited use, of poor quality and very hard to access due to the complexity of the sites membership set-up.

I would have liked to come across a full product training webinar as one would find on the Microsoft site for its MS Project tutorials or on the Palisade site for its risk management suite of tools, however if it is there, I couldn’t find it. In a reasonable time.

Not to be unfair, I did send them a helpful email to resolve this problem.

When they have had a chance to resolve this problem and even if you or your company decides not to purchase the package; I think becoming familiar with the product and its methodology must present a viable advantage over project managers that have not bothered.
Kind regards

Stephan Toth
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