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To DELEGATE is not to DELEte the GATE for the Passage of Excellence

You do what you can do the best, delegate the rest. The secret of success is not in doing everything on your own, but in identifying the right person to do it. Yes I said that good executors must be proficient in multi-tasking. But efficient multi-tasking requires you to master the art of proper time management, proper prioritization of tasks, proper scoping of tasks, and proper delegation of tasks. Delegation is an effective means of developing you and your team, and a key to the organizational prosperity.

Delegation is the assignment of authority (by the delegator) to another person (the delegatee) to carry out a specific job-related activity. Thumb of rule: Not everyone can do everything; and not everything can be delegated. For example, when you decide to get married, you can delegate the process of facilitating finding suitable match for you, you can delegate the process of making arrangements for the wedding, but you do not delegate the process of taking vows or going to your honeymoon.

Delegation doesn’t necessarily need to be a vertical process – it can be both horizontal (peer to peer) and vertical (manager to managee). Your ability to influence and delegate to others (over whom you have no direct control) to attain desired objectives is critical to your success.

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LOL, using marriage to explain the art of delegation is a good one, mind you, delegating the marriage vows would definitely come under risk management.

However, this does bring to mind a very good perspective not only for marriage but also for business relationships too.

Stable relationships could be considered to be just like a three-legged farmers milking stool, which has proved to be stable no matter what surface it is placed on.

If one considers each leg of the three-legged milking stool to represents Love, Trust and Respect, one can see that if one has these qualities on both sides of a relationship then that relationship is going to be well founded and flourish.

In the case of business the term ‘Love’ can be replaced with a friendly, amicable and cooperative attitude towards other colleagues.

Even though a three legged milking stool is the most stable chair ever invented if you remove one of the legs it becomes absolutely useless for its purpose and by definition that principle applies to the three legged stool analogy of relationships too.

Coincidentally, most relationships fail not because of lack of love, but because one or both of the other two principles are missing and that applies equally to business too.

So when you decide to delegate, just take a moment to reflect on the three-legged stool philosophy and think about how many legs there are to your relationship with that person.

Answering that question honestly will tell you how much you can rely on their cooperation and commitment to satisfying your request.
Kind Regards

Stephan Toth
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