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How will you implement your project when you return home?

Posted: Thu 11 Nov 2010 4:36 am
by Newbie1
Dear All,

I am a newbie starting to learn to be a project manager from scratch. I'm here looking for help/instruction/lessons/learning..

My NGO (non-government org.) office allows me to submit financial request to study abroad for a few month on a skill for staff capacity building. I am asked to write request proposal showing what my study area. And then they also ask me to submit written proposal on how will I implement my project upon my return and back to office ? I feel stuck to answer this plan-related question because I am not good at planning and also don't know and never plan any community project implementation yet. Can you please guide me how to answer? Is it about project plan? project budget? project activity plan plus budget? They ask me to write 2 pages at least and I can't even manage to finish my first page yet.

Thank you for your advice and time.


P.S: English is my second-language but I hope you understand my point. Please tell me to verify any unclear points.

Re: How will you implement your project when you return home?

Posted: Sat 20 Nov 2010 3:44 pm
by satisfactionuk
What your company is looking for is to see how committed you are to this career choice and also to find out if its just a passing whim.

This little test that they have set you is to find out if you have done any pre-studying of the subject.

Using myself as an example.

I have decided to do a MS’c for Project Management for Logistics in September 2011 which will attract considerable expenses and a full year of study. In preparation for this, this year I have been studying everything I can lay my hands on in relation to the Project management.

If I were in your position and requesting time off work and my expenses from my company, I would have no problem in fulfilling their test and convincing them that I am a good investment.

From your perspective, if your really committed to doing this course and want to succeed with more than just a minimum pass mark, then you really should put in considerable study time and effort before the course and definately before asking your company for their support.
Kind Regards
Stephan Toth