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Do You Help Your Team Grow?

Posted: Fri 29 Oct 2010 8:40 pm
by dhaughey
Do you help your team grow? That's the question posed by Shim Marom in a post on quantmleap. Clearly, from a survey of his colleagues the answer is a resounding no!

This is his question;
In your professional experience, were you ever a member of a team whose manager took it upon her/his self to mentor and coach you so you could grow professionally?
Can this really be the case. Are we as managers, so unwilling to pass on our experiences to help others?

I thought I’d pose the same question to this group, and see whether it's true.

So, yes or no - have you had mentoring or coaching from a team manager to help you grow professionally?


Re: Do You Help Your Team Grow?

Posted: Sun 31 Oct 2010 12:57 am
by michaelmz
I think the most fundamental keys to being a great manager is to be able to help your team members to grow and mature. Leaders should make make everyone about them better.

Re: Do You Help Your Team Grow?

Posted: Sun 31 Oct 2010 12:59 am
by michaelmz
I would like to think thatIi do help my team members to grow.