Top 3 challenges for CTOs and CIOs today

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As a CTO or CIO, you make critical business decisions daily.

Among other tasks, you oversee technology policies, own the development and delivery process, and align IT infrastructure with strategic goals. Depending on your organisation’s structure, you may also be responsible for building dedicated development teams.

Such duties present obstacles that compromise your success as a tech leader.

In this article, we analyse the top three challenges for CTOs and CIOs today (and in the near future) so you can prepare an action plan and effectively tackle them.

To configure the list, we’ve considered our 10+ years of experience building 80+ tech teams for companies worldwide and our conversations with top-level executives.

Let’s get started!

Challenges for CTOs
  • Finding top tech talent
  • Managing technical debt
  • Implementing AI and new technologies
Challenges for CIOs
  • Shifting to cloud computing
  • Handling budget constraints
  • Preventing data breaches
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