what makes Bangalore the ideal destination to set up a dedicated offshore team?

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Over the past decade, the popularity of offshore development has surged, with global enterprises establishing dedicated development teams in countries such as India. Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia, has emerged as a prime destination for businesses seeking to extend their workforce.

Why does Bangalore stand out as the ideal location for setting up a dedicated offshore team? Let's explore the key factors:

Abundant Tech Talent Pool: Since its modest tech origins in the early 1980s, Bangalore has evolved into the hub of tech expertise in India. Boasting the largest pool of tech professionals in the country, with over one million software developers graduating from its premier engineering colleges, Bangalore is an attractive option for organizations in the US and Western Europe struggling to find skilled individuals with the right expertise.

Emphasis on Quality: In the past, offshoring was primarily about cost reduction. Today, the focus has shifted towards quality. Skilled software developers in Bangalore can deliver high-quality products and services that stand on par with their Western counterparts.

Unique Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Bangalore's tech ecosystem not only fosters the birth of startups but also provides support for their sustenance, nurturing, and growth. This is made possible by a growing community of digital natives possessing the vision and energy that sets them apart.

Dynamic Urban Landscape: With only 41% of its population being native, Bangalore thrives on multiculturalism, contributing to a vibrant social scene. Recognized as the world's most dynamic city by The World Economic Forum in 2017 and 2019, Bangalore boasts striking infrastructure, a lively nightlife, ubiquitous boutiques, and a diverse culinary landscape featuring over a hundred different cuisines.

By establishing a dedicated offshore team in Bangalore, organizations can tap into a rich pool of skilled professionals, achieve operational cost savings, and become part of a dynamic and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Source: https://techplanet.today/post/what-makes-bangalore-the-ideal-destination-to-set-up-a-dedicated-offshore-team
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