Seeking advice - most efficient/affordable approach to APM PMQ?

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I’m seeking advice regarding how I should approach gaining an APM PMQ qualification. I have seen that there are providers that teach the course and hold an exam all in 5 days (>£1000) or you can teach yourself in your own time and take the exam, which on average takes several months (much cheaper). However I saw that course provider Provek stated that delegates should do 35 hours of pre-course study before starting their intensive course, making it both long and expensive. For context I have no project management experience, but would strongly like to attempt this qualification rather than a foundation one if at all possible. I would prefer to spend weeks on it, rather than months. I also have no deadline for getting this done, it’s only for personal career development.

My questions are:
1. Is 35 hours of pre-course study required before an intensive 5 day PMQ course?
2. If yes, am I getting scammed to spend over £1000 on such a course? (my employer is not an option for subsidising it)
3. Is it realistic to pass the exam if you have no project management experience? If yes, is there a certain approach to this qualification I should take to give myself the best chance of passing?

Any help is appreciated! :)
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