Freelance/contract work outside of normal Project Management role

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Hello everyone

I am originally from the UK and became a SSM by learning my trade in the UK construction industry over a number of years . I’ve recently left London and taken up a Construction Manager post in the Caribbean and enjoying the change very much but I am trying to explore what freelance or contract work I can pick up remotely. I’ve a young family and I am trying to look at ways I can bring in some more money using my skill set that is outside the Monday to Friday role.

I was looking at potentially writing Risk assessments and method statements for smaller sub-contractors who don’t have the skill set or ability to create an effective document but someone has warned me off this as I can’t conduct a physical site visit myself. They claim it’s a legal requirement which I think is incorrect. I have also thought about potentially making programmes/schedules for smaller to medium length project for main contractors to use. I’m sure there is other services I could offer but I just haven’t been able to nail down what yet.

The point of my post is to see if there is anyone on here who has done something similar and how they started it. Online it’s extremely difficult to find any discussion on the matter and everyone seems to just do their 9-5 but I know that is not the case.

More than happy for an open discussion even if someone hasn’t any experience on the topic but has any advice they can share.

Thank you
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