VR Environment Trends

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Virtual and augmented reality are changing the way we do business, the way we shop, and the way we work. TheseVR environment trendsare driving change across sectors and industries, and for businesses to get ahead in the race to digital first business, they need to leverage them correctly. Below we’re going to explore some of the ways VR is revolutionising the world, and how businesses can take advantage of this opportunity. Lastly, how businesses can overcome tech skills shortages in their home location by leveraging global development teams.

Emerging VR environment trends
Take the workplace for example, a VR office space can act as a virtual map to show where everyone is throughout the day and available for chats and meetings. Going forward, lines can be blurred between the in-office experience and remote home-based working. Simulated working environments may help retail staff locate products and navigate through virtual warehouses.

Similarly, blurred lines are appearing in industries such as automotive. Cars are chosen and configured online, with virtual test drives available. This is more common with brands a driver has previously used, where sight unseen purchases are easier to make.

A shopping revolution
VR environment trends can take innovative marketing practices to the next level. It has the power to redefine these practices. Whether buying a new shirt or taking a vacation, VR allows a shopper to try products before making a purchase. Through VR, consumers can develop a personal connection with brands and make more informed purchasing decisions. It's essentially an extension of the idea of ‘try before you buy.’

Putting VR centric to your business
The problem businesses face is simple. They want to put software central to strategic priorities, but they need elite developers to make it work. It’s harder with the sheer lack of niche talent available in leading markets. But offshore teams can provide the solution. You can of course go it alone, but it makes more sense for many companies to work with an offshore partner to help you source talent, recruit on your behalf, align your home and offshore team, run your operations, and help you to scale on an ongoing basis.

VR environment trends: in summary
By working with an offshore development team in a talent-rich location such as India, companies can take their offerings to the next level. The skills that are hard to find at home are more readily available, with experienced engineers with the niche skills required. Engineers that are too costly in places such as Western Europe and North America.

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