Building A Dedicated Development Team

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Building software products and services from scratch or increasing your development capacity requires the right engineers.

It’s essential to hire individuals who are experts in their fields. However, building a solid and dedicated development team can be challenging. Finding a team of well-rounded developers can be a long, drawn-out process that can become exceedingly costly and time-consuming. That is, if you attempt to hire locally, in the West, due to immense tech talent shortages in leading markets.

If you find the right developer, they aren't guaranteed to stay around for long. If the attrition rate remains high, you will have to start the recruitment process again within weeks or months.

Consequently, your project will suffer a setback. It will be impossible for you to deliver software on time. Profits may suffer as a result, as well as your business by extension.

Offshoring as a solution
Since the software industry has been identified with the highest talent turnover rate, organisations ask themselves if their workers have sufficient tech skills. Studies have shown that HR professionals don't have enough candidates with the right skills to fill job openings. Over half of organisations have faced crippling skills shortages over the past few years.

A solution to this talent crisis is to outsource software development processes. The right partner can help an organisation assemble a team quickly. We also know outsourcing your project to a third-party vendor is more cost-effective than hiring locally. However, sustainability is always a concern. Outsourced employees are not your direct employees but a separate company you've contracted to do the work for you. For this reason, it might become problematic once you try to gain more control over things like hiring and recruiting, and being more hands-on with the product.

Offshoring solves the problems left by outsourcing by taking it further. It allows you to establish a dedicated development team that works for you and you alone. In the software industry, you constantly hear about the incredible benefits of building a dedicated development team offshore in emerging tech nations like India. However, how it works is not always clear.

The benefits of a dedicated development team

Offshoring is chiefly about leveraging high-quality talent. As discussed, the West is under enormous pressure to find the right individuals with the right skills at the right price.

Building a dedicated development team in India, where education and training are highly valued, gives you access to a well-educated and qualified talent pool.

In India, as with outsourcing, the cost of living is lower, so it is more affordable to hire elite developers than in the West, but the quality isn't compromised. Your organisation can gain access to exceptional talent and save money simultaneously.

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