How Does An Offshore Development Company Hire Developers?

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A growing number of companies are considering building software teams abroad due to increased competition for tech talent, but going offshore requires the expertise of a partner with experience building these types of teams. That's where an offshore development company comes in.

Offshore development companies are primarily responsible for building your team on your behalf, as well as procuring office space and equipment, handling operations and administration, as well as looking after ‘on the ground’ activities so you can focus on your core business. Partnering with an offshore development company gives you access to a team of permanent developers who can add value to your existing team.

Analyse your business activities in detail
Outsourcing companies allocate developers to you, acting as a third party. Often, the developers are working on behalf of several different companies at the same time, and your project is just one of many. By contrast, when you work with an offshore development company, they are dedicated to your business and only your business. This means they will learn your company's culture and mission from the inside out. Put simply, the developers are aligned to your strategic objectives as opposed to just working on a project-by-project basis.

An offshore development company usually begins by asking about your business, laying the groundwork for a successful relationship, and gaining insight into your development goals. Your offshore partner will then have all the information necessary to begin building your team.

Create a checklist of required skills
Together, you will consider which technical and soft skills are absolutely necessary and desirable to create a customised recruiting process based on the detailed information gathered. Your partner will answer all your questions and concerns then present you with a recruitment proposal based on your needs. To ensure you hire developers with world-class skills, they will source based on these requirements and only present candidates that best suit your business and its culture. The value that an employee can add should always be the most important consideration.

Engage and test potential hires
The recruitment process begins when both parties are satisfied. Social media and other non-traditional channels are used by recruiters to advertise job openings, connect with potential employees, share details about the company, share updates, and engage with potential hires. All potential candidates must pass a series of technical and soft skills tests, and only the top 1% make the cut.

The entire recruitment process should be transparent to better understand how the hiring process works. Ultimately, it's your team. And, whatever offshore development company you work with should treat you as a partner achieving goals together.

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