Top Offshore Development Trends

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Dedicated teams are among the top emerging offshore development trends thanks to the reasonable operational costs, an attractive array of IT policies, exceptional quality of services, and tech expert availability in countries like India.

Another trend is the practice of ensuring cultural compatibility. Organisations achieve compatibility by treating offshore workers the same way as locally recruited workers, meaning the same hiring, alignment, and recruitment processes. Put simply — an offshore team is an extension of the existing development setup, not a separate entity.

Cybersecurity for distributed teams and data is among the top offshore development trends that help organisations build globally distributed teams. A close focus on cybersecurity threats ensures that their organisations can protect their intellectual property and confidential data.

The final significant trend is the growing usage of collaboration tools. These digital tools act as a bridge between local and offshore teams. They help groups support each other in accomplishing common objectives while ensuring that there is no miscommunication.

Why offshore development trends will continue

Despite steadily growing popularity over the last 20 years, offshoring has never been so popular as it is today. As the world faces a global tech talent shortage, offshoring is very much in fashion. This much-increased popularity is mainly due to the shift from hiring employees at the lowest price to focusing on getting access to the most talented industry experts worldwide.

Now that businesses are paying more attention to the overall value that an offshore development team can bring to the table, lower operational costs have become just one of the many drivers of offshoring. These emerging offshore development trends will continue to grow in popularity as they seek to resolve past concerns — helping CTOs and CIOs overcome the talent shortages they face at home and scale their tech teams without restrictions.
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