PRINCE2 Fiction: A Game Changer?

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The project management profession is a challenging and ultimately rewarding one. As this forum attests, most people start their careers by obtaining a project management qualification. If you have studied for a project management qualification, you will know that the subject matter can be pretty dry, and it's a question of getting through it to receive your hard-earned certification. This situation is all about to change with a new way of learning that is more palatable and fun. An example of this new way of learning is PRINCE2 fiction.

The idea is to provide a study aid that combines a fictional story with an explanation of the PRINCE2 concepts. The aim is to engage students and make the subject matter more palatable. By presenting the concepts this way, it is thought that they will be easier to remember and recall when needed.

It is early days for this concept, and the first PRINCE2 Fiction novella is titled, The Deep-Space Oddity Project, from the science fiction genre where an asteroid is hurtling towards the earth. Can PRINCE2 save the day?

As someone who has studied for the PRINCE2 qualifications, I would have welcomed anything that livened up the dry and dull subject matter and made it easier to remember and recall.

So, could this be the first example of a genre that other publishers could use elsewhere to liven up dry subjects and help students pass their exams?

I'd be interested to know what you think. An exciting new concept or an interesting aside?

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