When is the right time to invest in an offshore development model?

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With technology evolving at an astonishingly fast pace, businesses have no choice but to create innovative software solutions if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

However, this is easier said than done.

Especially in the US and Western Europe, recruiting local developer talent isn’t easy. Growing a local engineering team is expensive, while outsourcing invites all sorts of other issues.

This is where partnering with an offshore development center can prove to be invaluable.

Your costs are getting out of hand:

Employee wages account for more than half of the fixed costs of the average business in Western Europe and the US.
And so, when you hire expensive local talent, you risk spending more on the payroll of employees than is typical for your industry.
By going offshore to a country like India, you can save money, increase your margins, and do it without compromising on your output quality!

You’re turning down growth opportunities

Imagine your business is booming, and you're receiving inquiries from potential clients, which would be game-changers for your business.
Unfortunately, because of your limited capacity, you can’t accommodate them. You’re turning away a profit-generating, growth-enabling business.
This is exactly the situation where investing in an offshore team could be an ideal solution.

You're unable to find the right talent

Given the acute shortage of talent in the West, finding skilled engineers with specialised tech skills can be a real challenge.
However, if you build an offshore team in talent-rich countries like India, you’ll have access to a massive pool of qualified engineers — engineers whose mentality is all about delivering top-quality products.
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