3 Ways to Tackle IT Recruitment Challenges

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The coronavirus pandemic will forever be thought about — in business terms — as an enormous catalyst. The increase of digital transformation projects was borne out of necessity, and look set to continue, as organizations realized the need for high resilience to market changes.

CTOs and CIOs understand, acutely, the importance of having a talented development team to build innovative products and services for their businesses. While this option is beneficial for many reasons, there are still many choices to make. Perhaps of primary importance is how and who to hire? To address these IT recruitment challenges, we've listed some steps below to help you tackle the issue.

Winning in a seller's market
One of the main IT recruitment challenges is becoming a top-tier destination for the best developers around, and this can be done by employee wellness initiatives, professional and personal development, and genuine recognition — and of course generous remuneration and benefits packages. In fact, research shows that a company's brand and social media output can have a strong effect on where potential employees choose to go.

Diversity is key
One of the big IT recruitment challenges in recent years has been demonstrating a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. Particularly in the tech space, there exist methods of unbiased candidate selection. For example, intelligent personality assessment platforms provide an objective way of evaluating candidates.

Being remote ready
With many employees having become accustomed to remote flexibility over the past year or so, they now consider a lack of it to be a dealbreaker when choosing between potential employers. Offering flexible working policies was always desirable, but after recent events, it’s almost a requirement and will continue to be so. It seems clear that a hybrid model will be used by most as we head into the rest of the 2020s.

Addressing IT recruitment challenges: a conclusion
There's a skill shortage in Western Europe and North America. Therefore employers in the tech space need to stand out from the pack and steal a march on their competition in the race for elite engineers. Or alternatively, look abroad to top offshore destinations such as Romania or India and leverage their talent to scale at speed.
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Hi Thescalers,

Nice article summary. I agree with your point on diversity and inclusion. I know a lot of companies are putting effort into being more diverse and inclusive, but more still needs to be done. Even when there is a genuine commitment, I still don't see it coming through in the tech space.

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