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Hello All,

I wanted to reach out to this community and ask for your help. I'm interested in knowing how you found yourself with the PM role. I work for a medium sized software company. I worked as a Customer Support agent and worked my way up to a SME/ BA. Eventually I ended up with the role of a Product Manager after 4 years. Based on several job descriptions it seems I take on a large portion of Project Manager role too. I've never worked in software development outside of my current company but I'm ready to make the leap. Any tips, suggestions, or life lessons learned are appreciated. It feels like I stumbled into the role and don't have much preparation.

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Hi NewPM,

I've just finished an article on progress reporting. It might be helpful to you in achieving better engagement with your stakeholders and project team. I've found the live minutes approach detailed in the article has helped keep my projects on track and everyone informed, involved and fully engaged. It's just one thing, but if you do nothing else, it could help you maintain the health of your projects.

The Secret to More Effective Project Progress Reports: Live Minutes
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