Tasks expected of a Project Support Officer

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Hi All,

I’m fairly new to the world of projects and work as a Project Support Officer. I feel sometimes like I’m working in the dark as I still don’t have a great grasp of what should be key tasks/key focus for me as part of the project team. The want is there but the experience is not and I feel worried I am not achieving what I should be in my working week.

I’m currently assigned as the only PSO on a project to develop a mobile app. There is a 3rd party delivering the App with internal work to be undertaken by our technical teams. The project has an internal project manager and an external project manager (from 3rd party).

I’m worried that I’m not pulling my weight in this project as I find myself with some idle time – what core tasks would you expect a PSO to be doing for such a project?

At the moment I:
1. Update the RAID log and record board Decisions
2. Take meeting minutes and actions for the weekly Board meeting
3. Update a Product decision log and FAQ
4. Collate updates into a weekly report, finalise with the team and publish within the meeting papers
5. Facilitate meetings as required

My key questions are:
- What other tasks should I be taking responsibility for?
- Should I be spending more time actively chasing updates from people? I do find it difficult to understand where I sit in terms of my responsibility for the completition of the RAID/Decision logs

I’d really like to better understand project management and feel more on the forefoot than the back foot so would greatly appreciate hints and tips on what I should be thinking about

Thanks all!
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