5 Ways to overcome challenges faced while implementing Agile Methodology

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5 Ways to overcome challenges faced while implementing Agile Methodology

Implementing Agile methodology is quite beneficial for organizations that solely depend on projects. The structure of the organization reaps the benefits of interdepartmental bonds when Agile Methodology is applied. However, an organization having little to no knowledge of this project management methodology faces a lot of challenges that obstruct the day-to-day operations. This necessitates Project Management Professionals (PMP) to devise strategies for a smooth transition and efficient management of projects. Let us have a look at a few of these challenges and how professionals can mitigate them.

Challenge 1: Conflicts with the finance department
When the organization chooses to execute the agile approach, it is necessary for every department to align itself with the approach. However, finance departments tend to be conservative towards the approach as Agile methodology involves huge amounts of funds that are not planned out till the closure of the project.

To overcome this challenge, Project Management Professionals need to connect all the departments of the organization and help them understand the concepts of Agile. On understanding the importance of Agile, the finance team can demonstrate adaptability towards the new approach and establish strategies for financing a project based on the approach.

Challenge 2: Lesser activities in the planning phase
The traditional approach of managing projects involves a separate planning phase for determining the budget and resources. In the Agile approach, none of these activities are initially planned. As a result, project managers get to know the costs involved in the project only after it is complete.

This necessitates professionals to first adapt to the agile mindset before implementing the methodology. While following this approach project managers make use of the sprint planning tool and adapt it accordingly to manage projects.

Challenge 3: Work Culture and people’s mindset towards Agile
One of the toughest challenges to overcome while implementing Agile is that project managers are accountable to convince the organization as a whole. Top management as well as other departments in the company show resistance towards change which makes it difficult for project managers.

In order to overcome this challenge, professionals need to engage in providing training for employees. This helps them understand the benefits of the approach, thereby assisting in smooth transition.

Challenge 4: Absence of Agile coach
While organizations are in the transformation process, appointing an Agile coach is necessary to ensure transition takes place without any obstacles. Often companies lack such professionals to appoint as a coach, thereby leading to more obstacles while transforming.

Agile coaches or certified project management professionals can carry out the tasks at ease. The responsibilities of the coach include offering solutions for the team’s problems, limiting the outside influence on the team, and educating the organization regarding the benefits of the approach.

Challenge 5: Communication gaps
During the process of implementing Agile methodology, a project manager is required to communicate effectively with the team. Proper communication should be carried out through formal communication channels. When the team is present in the office, communication can be carried out through meetings. Communicating with distributed teams can be quite a challenge for professionals. This necessitates professionals to recruit a team having good skills in communication to avoid the poor flow of crucial information related to the project.

The role of a project management professional is not just limited to managing a project. Such professionals are also responsible for instilling changes in the organization. During the course of PMP Training with unichrone.com, professionals learn about various methodologies along with soft skills necessary for implementing such changes. Experienced trainers are well-versed with such challenges, thereby assisting project managers to learn the tips and tricks to mitigate these challenges during the PMP Certification Training course.
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