Minimise unimportant tasks

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A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that rather than increasing the number of working hours, reducing the work hours increases productivity. Many would think that the key to higher productivity is to work for 10 hours a day. However, your team would rather efficiently work for 8 hours than waste their time for 10 hours.


Instead of extending the working hours of your development team, find out what tasks are time-consuming. It can be something as simple as answering emails or giving status updates. Then, find ways to reduce or eliminate redundant tasks. Some simple ways to do this include:
  • Implement effective meeting management practices in place.
  • Make sure that every meeting has an agenda and an action plan.
  • Limit the use of email to essential matters only. For instant communication, you can use instant messaging apps such as Slack or Skype.
  • Rather than having elaborate meetings at the end of the week, implement standup meetings once a day. It has even been proven that standing actually reduces the overall meeting time by at least 25%.
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