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Advice on project process for a car manufacturer

Posted: Wed 24 Mar 2021 5:35 am
by alisherahmuratov
Hi everyone,

I have recently been hired at a local car manufacturing company, that is planning on transforming/converting one type of van into various types of cars that would serve in different purposes. They already have turned it into a small ambulance as well as a cab (like a London cab). However, both of these processes took too long because there was no establish process of how to make it happen.

Three parties involved: Production, Constructors and Procurement. Since all of these departments have no prior experience, when the van had to be turned into a cab, it took months to get it into motion. Production relied on constructors, constructors relied on procurement, and procurement relied on information from constructors and production.

So my question is, has any of you ever faced with such a project problem. If yes, I would appreciate your help and recommendations on how should I set up the process, so it can go smoothly.

Thanks in advance.