5 Signs of A Good Remote Work Culture

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Shobana S
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How, really, does an ideal remote work culture look like?

Under normal circumstances, working professionals don’t prefer remote working, and rightfully so. You’re often left feeling isolated, frustrated, and drained from long hours of working. In a typical office environment, you’d have people around you motivated to work on the same project as you, you’d get to take coffee breaks, and more importantly, just interact.

Nevertheless, the traditional office outlook has changed over time. If you’re one of the thousands of people that has recently made a shift to remote working, it’s important to recognize and watch out for the signs that your company is offering the right culture.
  1. The best work culture is value-driven
    To truly create innovation with your work, you must be provided with the freedom to choose how you can creatively approach a problem. The workplace you’ve chosen to be a part of should measure your success by the value you’re able to deliver. So, the focus should not be on the schedule given to finish up your work, but rather on the goals you’re able to meet at the end of the day.
  2. Your company promotes your individual growth
    The right remote culture is always finding ways to provide opportunities for you to constantly learn and master new skills. Growth is essential, and your remote work should be investing in your development and support your learning capabilities.
  3. You’re provided with tools to stay in the loop
    One of the hardest challenges of remote working is staying in the loop with your team. Because everybody is working at their own convenience and time, it gets hard to keep track of who’s progressed at work and where exactly you’ll have to take it up on. In such instances, communication is key. Try to familiarize with the tools that your company is using to keep the employees on the same page. Be it Slack, Hangouts, or Zoom, it’s essential that your company is urging for timely productive meetings. (Productivity tip for virtual meetings: Use a meeting assistant that documents your meetings and automates your meeting process)
  4. It’s transparent and collaborative
    Remote work culture highly relies on a collaborative environment. If you’re going to spend most of your day working, having a cordial, encouraging community is very essential. Does your community recognize your contributions? This is a major factor that can push you to work harder, and strive for more.
  5. There’s always a timely professional assessment
    It’s necessary to question certain motives and understand your needs as you’re shifting to remote work. Learn about your own preferences and discern your company’s environment.
The right culture respects its employees and regularly checks in with your work progress, also instilling a feedback process.

Remote working may sound like an uncertain territory to tread on. But with the right productivity apps, conversation intelligence platforms like Zoom, and documented meeting notes, remote working is soon becoming the future!
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Employees are the backbone of the organization. To create a great remote work culture, you've to make your employees happy.
  1. Appreciate your employees for the hard work in delivering projects on time, increase revenue, and bring in more customers.
  2. Give the option to work flexible hours. During an emergency, allow them to work from home or take a day off.
  3. Trust your employees and don't micro-manage.
  4. Listen to your employees and conduct regular feedback to check their satisfaction level.
  5. Give them the right tools and training to do work faster and deliver great results. Use the right tool to collect the right sentiments.
  6. Don't make your employees work more than the working hours. Please encourage them to spend time with their family and friends.
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