Job opportunities as you get older

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Hi everyone,

I have 25+ years experience starting as a IT and process project manager and gradually evolving as a program manager mostly in a banking environment. I am wondering if I could pursue my whole career in project management or will it become harder moving forward to find job opportunities due to my seniority and my expected salary. What is the project management community view?

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Since you are already a pro in project management, I would suggest you take up something simultaneously to explore other career options. At times, due to market conditions, many companies cannot match up to your salary expectation. In such scenarios, if you know other domains, too, it would be an added advantage.
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Hi Haley71,

I do not underestimate how valuable experience is in a project manager. They have been there, seen that and learned from common PM mistakes. You may find younger, less experienced PMs fall into these traps to the detriment of their projects. If you want a safe pair of hands and would like to know how your project is progressing with complete transparency, I would go for an experienced PM. I know this is a generalisation, but it has been borne out time and again.
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