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I'm currently learning the PRINCE2 AGILE Foundation and then the practitioner course. I'm doing it through the ILX group which gives the eLearning as well as using the big purple book. My question is whether anyone has done this course and their thoughts related to it. I would be keen to get some pointers from you on this course and any learning tips.

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Hi everybody,

I'm in the same shoes (different e-learning provider, though). I need learning tips, I wonder if anybody could point me in the right direction.

It's one thing to learn methodologies, but I still can't understand how to squeeze a project into a methodology (PRINCE2 or Agile). I feel like have learnt grammar without ever reading or listening to the language. Is there any lesson that guides you through a step-by-step sample project to see how a methodology actually manifests? At the moment, I have tons of diagrams, processes, methods, analysis techniques and other technical terms swirling in my head, but I have no functional knowledge, basically.
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