Project Management and Covid-19

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If someone had said a year ago that you could manage projects from home without ever setting a foot in the office, you probably would have thought they were crazy!

But that’s exactly where things stand today.

Do you accept this statement?

It takes constant multi-tasking to be a project manager in these times. I spend most of my time on Zoom meetings organizing my projects, leading, and supervising my team until the very end. Now I'm using some tools that can help in project management but still lack of an office environment tampers the work.
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Yes, I do. Who knew virtual project management was going to become such a big thing in 2020. It’s all about the virtual meeting.

I’ve found it important to minute every meeting in some detail and send the minutes to all meeting participants. It’s a good way to reinforce what has been said and avoid any confusion.

I feel we miss out when it comes to the face-to-face interactions. Virtual check-in meetings don’t really cut it. Overall, my team have continued to perform well to their great credit. In fact, strange as it may seem, it’s going to be hard to get back to a more “normal” way of working.

Any tips for virtual project management?
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In these COVID-19 pandemic days, working remotely and getting connected with the team will be a norm for most of us and our teams for the anticipated future. Here are the tips to follow and empower your team for enabling seamless collaboration within the teams for better teamwork.

5 Quick tips for Remote Working:
  • Choose a dedicated workspace for proper focus at your home
  • Communicate and collaborate frequently with the team. Here’s the best app for team collaboration - hashdone
  • Build a daily routine
  • Making use of technology tools for better collaboration
  • Get in touch with the team as much as possible during working hours
These are the tips you can follow for managing a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Covid-19 makes remote work and work at home a must, then it comes with the support tools to make it happen.

Zoom because everyone' must have and for team collaboration in regards to communication and the tool for project management, we use ZenTao, as we are an IT company, which means most of our projects are application development.
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I believe it depends on the industry that you're working with but I would say that yes project management could be done remotely with minimal on-site visits. However, for a project manager to be efficient, one must have the right set of tools and tech stack to be able to do the job right and keep track of the project's progress. For example, like the one found on this guide specifically for the construction industry, they did put an emphasis on construction resource allocation software that could be used as an essential project tracker, monitor workforce availability as well as provide access to real-time data remotely which helps promote collaborative effort for the team.