How to choose the right requirements management tool for managing projects?

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Can you suggest the things to look for in a requirements management tool.
Shobana S
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In the current situation, the project managers are surely facing a tough time with most of the teams working remotely and everything happening through virtual meetings. Project managers have to monitor and keep track of the activity, a task assigned to the team members. Now that all the meetings are virtual it’s quite difficult to keep at tap on the discussions, tasks assigned, and simultaneously follow up with the clients.

Project managers are depending upon tools like:
  • Zoom for remote communication
  • Slack for instant messaging
  • Trello for task manager
  • Tools for convenient reporting like MarsviewNotes
  • File storage like Google Drive.
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I'm not aware of any requirements management software per se. I'd be interested to know whether such software exists as a standalone application. In software development, we have tools such as Jira and Confluence, which together, can be used for requirements management. The business analysts I work with have adapted well to using these tools. We have just started using Azure DevOps. I’ve been very impressed with how easy this is to use, as have my team.
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