What are the best remote working tips these days?

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josuahtdc wrote: Sat 27 Jun 2020 7:57 am Scheduling the daily tasks is the most common working tips.

You have to be organised with all your tasks as well as your workstation

Hey Josh, Yes i agree. Scheduling your daily tasks is the most important thing which must be done. As If you are organised only then you can enhance your productivity.
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Here are a few best remote working tips:-
  1. Create a daily routine and accomplish task as per the schedule.
  2. Don't be zombie. Take breaks at regular interval.
  3. Create your own working space inside your home.
  4. Communicate with your team members,. Don't forget them.
  5. Attend meetings and be seen.
  6. End your day on a happy note.
  7. Keep your work baggage at the desktop.
  8. Don't put pressure on your health, mind and soul.
  9. Stay positive & energetic.
  10. Enjoy the rest of the day with your family.
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Useful tips danwan337. I particularly like, ‘ End your day on a happy note.’ I always start my day with 40 minutes brisk exercise. I find this sets me up for any challenges that come my way. When I skip my morning exercise, I certainly notice my mood going down.
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