What to do with your project during COVID-19?

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Tue 31 Mar 2020 9:33 pm

Question: “You are managing a residential construction project with the budget of $1.5 million. Until now everything has been going smooth and you are currently on schedule and according to the schedule the project will be completed in 5 months. Unfortunately, there has been a world outbreak of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, and there are cases confirmed in the city where you work. The authorities declared a national emergency and are urging all nonessential workers to stay home or work remotely. Also, the state officials made announcement that in 7 days they will lock down the city and all businesses except groceries, pharmacies and hospital facilities will have to close until further notice. What would you do in this unprecedented situation?“,

“A” : “Provide all construction workers with protective gear and continue working according to the schedule.“,
“B” : “Crashing the project to complete it before schedule.“,
“C” : “Involve company lawyers to create a contract for worker stating that they are informed about the risks but agree to continue working for increased salary.“,
“D” : “Update risk register and organize video meeting with project stakeholders.”

The explanation is here https://www.erudicat.com/covid-19-question-1050 but who can offer a better solution to the problem?
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